Current Training Plan – Post Show Rebuild Edition

3 Apr

Now that I’ve gotten a few weeks away from my show, and I’ve eaten and rested myself into a state where I can workout seriously again, I’ve started to put some thought into building back some strength and muscle so I can compete successfully in the fall.  For my first training cycle I decided to do my standard Push/Pull/Legs split twice through in a week, with Fridays off, and double workouts Monday-Thursday.  The first 3 workouts are strength focused, and the last 3 feature slightly lighter weights and correspondingly higher volume.

Unlike many lifters I don’t like to map out every set I plan on doing.  I prefer to go into a workout with a goal and a general idea of what I want to do, but only choose the specific exercises on my way to the gym, or even during the workout, depending on which muscles are sore, and which feel able to handle more work.  Below are rough descriptions of what each day looks like during this cycle.


As this is my strength focused push day, I generally start out with five sets of barbell benching at a 5/3/1/3/5 rep scheme.  Followed by 3 or so sets of a fly variation, then 5 sets of barbell overhead press at a 7/5/3/5/7 rep scheme.  At this point I’ll do a couple sets of abs to give my shoulders a few minutes off.  In a marathon workout like this one I’ve found that doing 30 straights sets on the same muscle groups becomes counterproductive.  For the back half of my workout I’ll do 2-3 exercises at 3-5 sets of HSPUs, ring dips, tricep extensions, or weighted dips.  I like to keep this part varied for psychological reasons as much as for training stimulus.  Then I’ll finish with TGUs, since the gym is usually a little bit emptier at this point in the day I use this as an excuse to do them with an olympic bar.


Heavy pull day!  My favorite workout of the week.  This past weekend I started out with 5 sets of pullups @+90lbs, aiming for 3-4 reps per set.  Next up was 5 sets of 1-arm dumbell rows with the 120s, which is as high as they go at my gym(gonna have to come up with a new option for these soon).  For the last major exercise I did v-bar chins @+50lbs.  This is a pretty typical selection of compound exercises for a heavy back day.  For accessory work I like to finish up with thick rope pullups, scaffold rows,  a particularly brutal TRX pullup variation, and a couple of curl variations with my Fat Gripz.  Then, as always, finish with TGUs.



As a previous post has mentioned, my hip is all kinds of fucked up.  It’s a little better today than it was last week, but still far from 100%, so heavy leg day is somewhat of a misnomer.  On leg days I tend to spend some extra time on warmup sets and stretching, so I’ll usually only get in 10 real work sets during my lunch workout.  For my heavy day I’ve been doing 5 straight sets of sumo deadlifts, and then hitting some barbell bulgarian split squats.


My night workout on leg day usually consists of 5 sets of skater squats, 5 sets of hamstring curls off the lat pulldown, and 5 sets of calf raises of some sort.  Then end with some TGUs.  I do need to figure out a way to vary my leg accessory work a bit, so any suggestions would be appreciated.  However, if you tell me to do leg extensions I’m just going to laugh at you.



Since I start with a horizontal pressing motion on my stength day, I try and start my second push workout of the week with some vertical pressing, usually a barbell overhead press.  Then I move on to some flys and some ab work, before moving on to a horizontal pressing variation.  This week that final exercise was dumbell bench, I did five sets @100/105/110/105/100 for between 7 and 12 reps.  By the end of that my shoulders were pretty much shot.


I tend not to vary this day as much as others.  I do 5 sets of HSPUs, 5 sets of TRX dips, 5 sets of tricep extensions, move on to my TGUs, and call it a day.  The last time I went through this workout I swapped the last set of TRX dips for an all out, max effort, set of normal dips to failure.  It burned like hell but at least felt effective.




For my primary pull hypertrophy movement I like to do straight sets of pullups or chinups with a moderate amount of weight, at this point 45lbs.  I then like to go right into bodyweight rows off of the TRX scaffold, sometimes using handles to increase the ROM.  Then I bang out some sets of v-bar chins, again with a moderate amount of weight.  Just typing this out makes me realize how monotonous this is, I really need to find a way to shake this workout up.


Here I have a little bit more fun.  I like to start with some muscleups, doing a total of 20 reps using as many sets as necessary.  I then do at least one, usually two, other bodyweight pull variations.  My two favorites are thick rope pullups, and neutral grip l-sit chins.  Once I’ve done enough compound exercises to feel good about myself, I do some fat gripz curls, and then finish with TGUs.



Since the Monday lunch workout started with a hip dominant leg movement, I like to start this workout by focusing on a knee dominant movement.  For the entirety of this cycle I plan on doing the old standby, the barbell squat.  This isn’t the most exciting decision, but there’s a multitude of reasons many people consider squats to be the best exercise in the gym.  After that I like to do trap-bar deadlifts(Low handles of course) so I don’t totally neglect the hinge movement pattern.


This workout is basically a carbon copy of my monday night workout.  The sole difference being that at this point in the week I’m pretty beat up and burnt out, so the intensity is much lower.  Next training cycle I promise to be more creative with my leg accessory work.


So that’s my current training plan.  I’m in the middle of week 3, and I plan on doing 2 more weeks of this, taking a deload week to recover, then switching plans up.  Top of the list for the next training cycle is a Push/Legs/Pull/Legs split, to hit legs 3 times a week.  I’ve done it before and got great results, but it was fucking miserable.  Not that that will stop me from doing it again.


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