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Anabolic Cooking – Part 1

26 Mar

Since every fitness blog has to have posts on food, I guess I’ll jump on that bandwagon early.  I’m currently trying to rebuild the muscle I lost in my pre-show cut, so my current diet isn’t exactly clean, but it is very protein heavy.

My favorite bulk protein sources are chicken, and eggs.  they’re both relatively cheap, easily available, and there are lots of options when it comes to preparing them.   I want to emphasize that last point, because when you’re eating enough chicken and eggs at every meal to qualify as a minor poultry genocide, plain chicken and hard-boiled eggs can get real fucking boring, real fucking quick.

My favorite way to prep lots of chicken at once is to chop it up into bite-sized pieces, and cook it up in a big frying pan.  Before I dump the chicken in I’ll splash a bit of olive oil in, and add some seasoning.  It’ll look something like this.

IMAG0098For this batch of chicken I used black pepper, red pepper, Worcestershire sauce, and a shitload of garlic powder.  I also shredded up some pepperoni, because this is a bulking phase and I like it.  It usually takes about 15-20 minutes to cook it through thoroughly.  I generally overcook it a bit, because I’m paranoid about food poisoning, and there is a non-zero chance that some of this chicken will spend a bit of time in my gym bag between refrigeration periods.  After I’ve cooked the chicken to death and let it cool for a bit I bag it for eating over the next few days.

IMAG0103I generally use a 1-cup measuring cup to parcel out the chicken for two reasons.  1) 1 cup of chicken seems like a reasonable amount to eat in a single sitting, and more importantly, 2) it was the first measuring cup I found in my kitchen.  I live in an epic multi-bachelor pad, I have no real excuse.  For the record I don’t really believe in food measuring/weighing under normal circumstances, this will be the subject of a future post.

Now that I’ve got a fridge full of ziploc bags of chicken, I get to eat it!  This particular concoction is perfect for breakfast.  I’ll whip up a few eggs in a bowl, and then dump in a baggie of chicken.  It looks like this.


Super appetizing, I know.  The laziest way to go, which is definitely the option I’m going to take pre-coffee, is to microwave the mixture for about 40 seconds at a time, stirring between zaps, until the eggs are mostly dry.  The eggs will come out hot enough that a noticeable amount of moisture will evaporate off by the time they’re cool enough to eat, so be careful not to over cook.  As soon as I’m satisfied that I’ve cooked the eggs thoroughly enough to ensure that I won’t get salmonella, I dump them onto a toasted english muffin and sprinkle some cheese on top.  The end result looks like this:

IMAG0106Attractive? No.  Best breakfast ever? No?  Massive pile of protein? Fuck yes.  And to be honest, that last one is what I really care about.