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Hello World

25 Mar

I’m going to skip the traditional raison d’etre first post and just get right into a rant of the day.  I’m okay with doing this because this is my blog, nobody is going to read it anyways, and first and foremost my hip hurts.

It hurts real fucking bad.

I just got back from my first attempt at doing a real Deadlift workout in about 2 months.  During my preparation for my first bodybuilding contest, which will be the subject of at least one future post, I pulled most of the muscles in the low back/glute/hamstring chain on my right side and was unable to perform Deadlifts or Barbell Squats.  Now that I’ve spent a couple of weeks recuperating, and getting my blood sugar and body fat back above prison camp levels it seemed like a good idea to start lifting heavy again.

This did not go well.

I got up to 315, which is ~60% of my pre-cut 1RM, and was barely able to get it off the ground.  Grip felt fine, back felt fine, left leg felt fine, but my right hip was just lagging.  Lagging to the point that I could feel my pelvis fall out of level after 2 reps.  Because I’m stubborn, and kind of a moron sometimes(FYI, this will be a recurring theme on the blog), I kept lifting.  Sumo stance seemed to be slightly less excruciating, so I stuck with that, and ended up doing 11 reps over a total of 5 sets.

This was interspersed with a fair bit of grunting, groaning, gritted teeth, and over all shitty behavior.  Luckily the gym was mostly empty so nobody gave me too many dirty looks.

I finished the workout with some Bulgarian Split Squats, working up to 5@175, which made me feel better mentally, but may not have been the smartest idea I’ve ever had.

I’m going back tonight to do some accessory work, and one of my trainer buddies has promised to floss band my leg.  I may burst out in tears, and will certainly scream a little bit, but I’m hoping that I should be a little looser and healthier by the time I hit legs again on Thursday.

As I’m typing this my pre-workout/advil cocktail is wearing off and my IT band feels about as tight as a guitar string, so I’m going to stop writing before this post degenerates into a string of profanities.